Casual Inference Data analysis and other apocrypha


I’m Louis Cialdella, an NYC-based Data Scientist. I currently lead the Analytics team in the Customer Acquisition & Retention team at StubHub - we’re hiring! If you’re excited about experimentation, causal inference, and how data makes organizations better, I’d love to talk to you. You can contact me here.

Previously, I was a Data Scientist at Facebook, where I worked on measuring Facebook’s ads market share in every vertical around the world, with the goal of informing the company’s long-term strategy. Before that, I was on the Analytics team at ZipRecruiter, where I built tooling and methodology to support Zip’s growth by building models, running experiments, conducting observational analysis, and helping stakeholders understand the business with data.

I’m especially excited about Bayesian statistics, Causal Inference, Experiment Design, and building effective data analysis teams.